Discovering The Truth About Resources

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The Best Source of Renewable Energy: The Sun The sun is probably the most natural source of energy you can have. The sun’s beams can produce up to 1,000kWh per square meter of energy. This form of energy is sustainable and renewable because its source is inexhaustible. Solar energy does not pollute the air and the earth by its emissions and contamination through carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Let us keep our environment safe by shifting to natural and renewable energy sources that does not harm our environment. With solar power, light energy from the sun is harvested to produce electricity using photo-voltaic (PV) panels. Light energy is converted to produce a direct current of 12 volts, which passes through a solar inverter system with an output of 240 volts. This can power buildings that house offices. You can get around 2kWp on a PV panel at peak performance. It can supply power to a fraction of a household’s daily electricity consumption. Solar panels can supply a greater output of electricity during summer months since the supply of sunlight is more abundant in those months. Solar panel suppliers may offer you three types of panels: Mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and silicon panels. These solar panels differ in how effective they harvest energy from the sun. Of the three types, mono-crystalline is the most efficient in harvesting energy at 15% of its potential, while silicon is the least efficient harvesting only 7%.
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One thing to remember though it that installing solar systems might require approval from local authorities. Hiring an experiences technician to install your solar system will certainly benefit you in the long run, especially if you have no experience in solar systems. There is no need for too much concern about maintenance, only occasional cleaning is needed for a properly installed solar system to last a long time.
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But despite its low maintenance, solar panels have not been very popular due to a very long payback period. Excess electricity generated by solar power systems in India are not often sold. Another way to use the sunlight to produce renewable energy is by solar water heating panels. These solar panels harvest heat energy from the sun and uses it to heat water. Hot water can be supplied by this system to offices and households. The two types of solar systems available for you to choose from are: Flat plates and evacuated tubes. Evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat plates, and are more expensive. Both systems deliver hot water by pumping heated water through heat exchanges connected to hot water tanks. Flat panels have a 10-year shorter life span than evacuated tubes. It is best to ask your solar panel supplier what size will best suit your household needs.