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Choosing the Right Type of Screen A projector screen is a good piece of equipment to have if you want to enhance your home theater experience. Although it is not the most glamorous, it serves its purpose. Different projection screens have different usages, one needs to be informed about the technology of each kind. Projection screens are usually of these types: whiteboards, reflective screens, gray screens, and white screens. You will find some of the usual characteristics of these screens in this article. This should help you decide on what is best for you. While you can project your images or multimedia files on any blank space on your wall, this is not recommended for best results.
Displays Tips for The Average Joe
Projection screens come with certain specifications. Some specifications are more relevant than others depending on the purpose of its use.
Displays Tips for The Average Joe
It is helpful to understand the concept of contrast in the use of a projector screen. For theater environment and multi-purpose projectors, a high-contrast screen will be the best and most flexible choice. With high-contrast screens, it is easier to see and distinguish the darker colors that are being projected. Because of this, the viewer can also experience sharper color separation. This also reduces blurs, rainbows, and screen doors or pixelation (where an image appears as if it were a screen door.) Screens that are low-contrast can be used for still images where the transition of images is not fast or sudden, but remains in view for a long time. Images can be displayed properly and clearly this way. This type of projector screen displays edges of static images clearly without blurs or distortions. Another common type of projector screen is the whiteboard. Whiteboards are now commonly used in presentations. There are many whiteboards on the market that have the ability to interact with a computer with the user issuing commands through the whiteboard itself. But whiteboards are still not the best choice for home theater use, but more limited to business presentations and seminars. Paint can function as a good projector screen for homes. Paint does not appeal to everyone, but paint has many advantages. Cleaning paint on walls is a very simple task. With the use of a highly reflective type of paint, the projection screen can be painted on a wall. This can only be painted over white walls. You might find difficulty painting a projection screen on a wall with dark color. Because paint is easier to maintain and comparatively cheaper to buy, it is fast becoming the projector screen of more and more people.